3ATM vs 5ATM vs 10ATM vs 30ATM Watch Water Resistance Ratings

Watch Water Resistance Ratings

What does water resistance means with bars, atm, meters, feets for watches?

Water Resistant ratings are commonly engraved on the back of the watches(some will print on dial) to indicate how well a watch is sealed against water ingress.
It is usually accompanied by an indication of the static test pressure that a sample of newly manufactured watch was exposed to in a leakage test.
The test pressure can be indicated either directly in units of pressure such as bar, atm(atmospheres)-3atm waterproof / 3atm water resistant, 5atm waterproof / 5atm water resistance,10 atm water resistance, 30 atm water resistance,or as an equivalent water depth in metres(in the United States sometimes also in feet).

Watch Water Resistant Ratings

What are the structural differences between 3 ATM, 5 ATM, 10 ATM, 30ATM watches?

The different levels of water resistance generally lie in how the parts of Glass, Crown and Back are structural protected.
These components are produced in a different structure, different thicknesses and equipped with different sealing gaskets/sealing rings according to the different sizes and designs of the watches.

Water Resistance RatingGlassCrown&ButtonBack
3atm/3bar/30meters/ 100feet1.0mm Glass ThicknessPush in Structure- 1pc Sealing GasketSnap Down Structure- 1pc Sealing Gasket
5atm/5bar/50meters/ 165feet1.2mm Glass ThicknessPush in Structure- 1pc Sealing GasketSnap Down Structure- 1pc Sealing Gasket
10atm/10bar/100meters/ 330feet2.0mm Glass ThicknessScrew Down Structure- 2pcs Sealing GasketScrew Down Structure- 2pcs Sealing Gasket
30atm/30bar/300meters/ 1000feet3mm Glass ThicknessScrew Down Structure- 2pcs or more Sealing GasketScrew Down Structure- 2pcs or more Sealing Gasket
Watch 5atm waterproof
watch 10 atm water resistance
300 meters water resistant

How much water activity your watch can do?

Here’s a guide to different activities by different watch water resistance ratings for a better understanding of 3atm vs 5atm, 5atm vs 10atm, 10atm vs 30atm:

Water Resistant RatingActivityRemarks
3atm/3bar/30meters/ 100feetRain, Splashing Water, Hand WashingNot for Long Splashing or Hand Washing
5atm/5bar/50meters/ 165feetLong Splashing Water, Shower, BathingNot for Hot Shower, Swimming or Diving
10atm/10bar/100meters/ 330feetSwimming, Snorkelling, Water SportsNot for Deep Diving
30atm/30bar/300meters/ 1000feetSwimming, Scuba Diving, Professional Water Sports 
Watch 5atm water resistance

Minimalist Watch Bauhaus Design Swiss Movement 5atm water resistance

stainless steel dive watch

Stainless Steel Dive Watch Sandwich Dial Green 10 atm water resistance

bronze dive watch

Bronze dive watch ceramic bezel 300 meters water resistant 30 atm water resistance

How to keep your watch water resistant long enough?

Generally the sealing gaskets or sealing rings are the main parts for water resistant purpose. They should always be protected well for longer water resistant performance.
Here are some tips for your watch water resistant.
Avoid contact with chemicals such as hair spray, perfume, and alcohol.
Avoid contact with heat from steam, hot water and hairdryer.
Avoid contact with saltwater. In case you do, rinse with fresh water and dry with a cloth.
The standard water resistance watch, bronze dive watch or stainless steel dive watch should always be treated with care by professional jewelers for battery changing, fixing or routine maintenance.

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