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blue sapphire watch

What is blue sapphire watch?

The word “blue sapphire” is commonly used by the luxury gemstones jewelry in natural blue sapphire.
However, the blue sapphire watch used in watchmaking industry is generally made of synthetic blue sapphire or lab-grown blue sapphire, the composition and properties are identical to that of natural blue sapphire. The lab-created Blue Sapphire Case Watch is considered to be one of the best value luxury watches in the world.

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How to make the blue sapphire case watch?

The synthetic blue sapphire case begins with the blue sapphire material growing in the factory, Pardwin’s associated sapphire factory that using the crystallization process (involving temperatures up to 2200°C) to produce the large sapphire crystal of perfect transparency and different colors in blue, red, orange, green, yellow, etc.
Then the high precision CNC 5-axis machines cut a big monobloc blue sapphire crystal to form the shape of the blue sapphire case.
All the blue sapphire watch parts carving and polishing require high precision machines and handmade diamond tools.

blue sapphire watch manufacturer
blue sapphire case watch manufacturer

Why blue sapphire watch is so difficult to make?

Sapphire is one of the Hardest and most Durable Materials in Existence, ranked at a 9 Mohs hardness, Only Next to Diamond. The blue sapphire case is incredibly hard and durable compared with all the other material watches that are extremely difficult to make.
Total they take more than 100 hours to make a piece of the polished blue sapphire case. The watchmakers should pay meticulous care to all the details from beginning to the end for making the blue sapphire watch. Any tiny mistakes will ruin the whole blue sapphire case as the blue sapphire watch parts can not be re-polished for any maintenance.

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Why are there different hues of blue sapphire case?

As the sapphire has the structure of hexagonal lattice single crystal, it would make the sapphire shows different blue hues by different density of metal ion when growing the crystal.

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Different thicknesses of the blue sapphire watch will also make the blue shade different. If we make it for the blue sapphire case which is about 8mm to 10mm thickness, the blue color is more profound and rich. If the blue sapphire is used for the front window or back by the thickness of 1mm to 2mm and generally be treated with anti-reflective coating for blue sapphire watches, the blue color is more transparent which you can hardly see the blue shade.

blue sapphire watch

All Sapphire Case Watch Sapphire Dive Watch Swiss Automatic Movement

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all sapphire case watch rolex

Sapphire Case Aventurine Dial Swiss Super-LumiNova Grade A BGW9
Model No.: PSLA352 PARDWIN
Case: Synthetic Sapphire 41mm
Bezel: Synthetic Sapphire Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9
Movement: Swiss Sellita SW200-1
Dial: Aventurine with Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9
Hands: Diamond Cut Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9
Band: Silicone White
WR: 5atm Water Resistant
Inventory: Yes-Ready to Ship
Customization: Available in Blue Sapphire Case & Other Sapphire Colors

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Pardwin is the OEM&ODM blue sapphire watch manufacturer with SA8000 and ISO9001 factory certifications.

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