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The degrade dial or gradient dial is a watch dial that goes from lighter to darker or darker to lighter from the center to the edge.

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The degrade dial faded from center to edge is a gentle way of using shocking colors for an eye-catching effect. Some gradient watch dial or degrade dial will have a good texture imprinted onto dial from molded or CNC precise cutting, also pairs with various layers that form a particular shade of colors that no other watches could copy.

How to make degrade dial

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The ordinary degrade dial process involves spraying a darker shade of color onto the dial while it spins on the spinning machine. Then a lighter color will spray on the proper area of the dial.
Generally the spraying is done manually one by one which the intensity of spraying and the speed of the spin will make the degrade result slightly different from one to others.
The degrade dial could be widely used for different dial materials and finishing such as degrade enamel dial which the processing will be more challenging and time-consuming. But it will make the gradient watch so unique and surprising.

degrade dial watch
gradient watch

Here is the gradient watch made by Pardwin that has a degrade dial with an embossed texture pattern and the nickel color dauphine indexes. The dial design features a sunburst fade from ocean blue in the center, changing to darker blue to black at the dial edge.
This gradient watch pairs with Seiko NH35 movement inside. The case is 316L stainless steel material and the glass window is domed sapphire crystal.
The strap is made of Italian genuine cow leather with imprinted crocodile pattern.

Pardwin is the OEM&ODM watches manufacturer with SA8000 and ISO9001 factory certifications for making gradient watch or degrade dial watch.

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