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In the world attention event Watches and Wonders 2022, Hublot debuts limited edition Purple Sapphire Watch to the well-known Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Sapphire Line. Hublot has made several colored sapphire variants of the Big Bang in recent yearts in clear sapphire, black sapphire, red sapphire, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire and the orange sapphire watch released on early 2021. Hublot Purple Sapphire Watch brings innovative and bold material to the luxury watch industry again.

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The sapphire crystal commonly used for the watch industry is the synthetic sapphire or lab-grown sapphire which the composition and properties are identical to that of natural sapphire.
Sapphire is one of the Hardest and most Durable Materials in Existence, ranked at a 9 Mohs hardness, Only Next to Diamond.

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The sapphire material growing factory has succeeded in using a crystallization process (involving temperatures up to 2200°C) that produces large sapphire blocks of perfect transparency and different colors in royal blue, ruby red, orange, green, yellow, purple etc.
A single block of purple sapphire has been cut by the latest high-end CNC machines working in ultra-fine tolerances into the purple sapphire case shape.
The colored sapphire are largely used for led industry, high-tech laser and military equipment which only a few big companies could produce, it leads to rarely material we could get for making watches with exorbitant price.

purple sapphire watch manufacturer
purple sapphire case manufacturer

The sapphire material is extremely hard but fragile which the purple sapphire case does not rely on fully machine making but semi-manual processing.
The manufacturing process is so painstaking that the tiniest mistakes would make the all purple sapphire case ruined at the last minute and have to repeat all the works from the beginning.
The purple sapphire watch is so difficulty to make by the sapphire watch manufacturer but it is so precious.

purple sapphire watch case

A lot of people seemed to regard the purple sapphire watch as a plastic toy. But the moment you wear the real purple sapphire case watch itself, you will only feel the luxury artistic and smooth.
A purple sapphire watch will probably still look fresh new without losing its luxury luster after a few years wearing.

All Sapphire Watch Case Purple Sapphire Bezel Swiss Superluminova Swiss Automatic Movement

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Pardwin is the OEM&ODM purple sapphire watch manufacturer with SA8000 and ISO9001 factory certifications.

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