Sandblasted vs Brushed vs Polished Watch Case

Sandblasted vs Brushed vs Polished Watch Case

The main watch finishing is mirror polished watch case, sandblasted watch case, and brushed watch case.
These watch case finishing are achieved by different tools and processing ways.
Here are some differences between this three finishing of the stainless steel case watch.

The polishing wheel is used to polish the surface of the case until it becomes a highly polished watch case that has a mirror like finishing.
The polished watch case absolutely catches the eye at first glance in contrast with non-polished case.
However, the finer and higher the polish, the more risk to scratches and dings.

polished watch case manufacturer
Polishing Shiny Stainless Steel Watch Case
Polished Shiny Watch Case Stainless Steel

A sandblasted watch case finishing gives the watch case or bands a matte look that barely reflects any light.
This matte finishing is achieved by blasting the watch surface with tiny glasses or sand particles using the high-pressure blasting machine, called sandblasting finishing.
The sandblasted watch case can often be found on aviation or military watches.

Sandblasted Watch Case Manufacturer
sandblasted watch case
brushed watch case

Brushed watch case is generally done with an abrasive wheel polishing the metal surface again and again to form the brushing lines.
The heaviness and spacing of the brushing grain depend on the grit of the particular abrasive wheels and tools used.

brushed watch case manufacturer
brushed watch case
brushed watch case

Brushed finishing is commonly used on parts like watch case, back, crown, bracelets or clasps.

The brushed finishing gives the watch a satin look which is good to hide lighter scratches by daily uses. The common patterns for brushed watch case include vertical brushing, horizontal brushing, circular brushing and sunburst brushing

It is common to combine two finishes such as brushed vs polished watch case on one watch to highlight different parts of the watch.

Sandblasted watch case slender wire lug stainless steel swiss ronda movement

sandblasted  watch case swiss movement
sandblasted watch case
sandblasted watch case

Case :316L Stainless Steel Case Sandblasted
Size :38mm
Strap:316L Steel Milanese Quick Release Sandblasted
Dial:Sandblasted Silver Dial
Hands:Diamond Cut
Movement:Swiss Ronda Movement 1069
Glass:Anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal
Inventory:In Stock without Logo
Customization :MOQ 2pcs-Laser Texts on Back, MOQ 20pcs-Logo Printing on Dial,
MOQ 300pcs-All Customization

Pardwin is the OEM&ODM watches manufacturer with SA8000 and ISO9001 factory certifications for making stainless steel or titanium watches in different watch case finishing.

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