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What is Superluminova and Luminova

LumiNova is a series of Long afterglow pigments invented by a Japanese company Nemoto & Co., Ltd. in 1993. “LumiNova” is registered trademark of Nemoto & Co., Ltd.
It provides 10 times brighter, 10 times longer afterglow against conventional phosphorescent pigments (ZnS based), which has wide excitation wavelength and can be excited by sun lights or artificial lighting.
It has excellent lightfastness and is being applied in many applications.

japanese luminova nemoto

A Swiss company RC Tritec AG in the same year of 1993 held the licensing rights to produce and distribute LumiNova under the registered name Super-LumiNova.
While the patent for Superluminova expired in 2014, the joint venture of Nemoto in Japan and RC Tritec in Switzerland continues to improve on the technology and file new patents to stay one step ahead in the luminous market.

rc tritec swiss super luminova

As Superluminova is so famous and popular used for many Swiss brands, generally we will regard Superluminova or super luminova watches same words as Swiss Superluminova or Swiss super luminova watches.
For convenient distinction, we will say Japanese Nemoto LumiNova instead of the word LumiNova only.

What is Swiss Superluminova

super luminova c3

Swiss Superluminova pigments are the choice of the Swiss watch industry for the highest possible afterglow performance used by most super luminova watches.
The materials are all 100% Swiss made and available in selected grades.
Swiss Superluminova is non-radioactive, REACH compatible, high temperature resistant and resistant to environmental influences.

How does Swiss Superluminova works

super luminova bgw9

Swiss super luminova watches work like a light storage battery, where light charges the battery, and afterward the light is continuously emitted. This activation and subsequent light emission process can be repeated again and again, and the material does not suffer any aging.

It is chargeable with sunlight or artificial light. Mixed with a suitable specific binder, Swiss Superluminova is applied on dials, hands, crown or case.

Expose the dial in a light source(UV- or Sunlight) for 5 to 10 minutes activation to grow strongly in the dark for time reading at night or diving purposes.

Swiss Superluminova pigments are the best choice for watch dial and hands for the highest possible afterglow performance.

What is the brightest Swiss Superluminova

relative brightness of swiss super luminova

The chart of relative brightness yield of Swiss superluminova colors shows super luminova c3 is the brightest LumiNova.
The super luminova BGW9 is the most commonly used luminova for micro watch brands of its intense brightness and the particular blue green emission color in dark light. The brightness of super luminova BGW9 is 95% of super luminova C3 which can not tell a big brightness difference when applying to watch dial or hands.
There are three Luminova levels which is Standard Grade, Grade A and Grade X1, list from lowest brightness to strongest brightness.
However, not all the luminova works in the same brightness level as the painting area and the technique by different watch manufacturers are not the same.

What is Sandwich Dial with Swiss Superluminova

panerai sandwich dial superluminova

The sandwich dial utilizes a layering technique. It is made of two superimposed dial plates in which the upper dial indexes are drilled and the lower dial is painted with self-luminous material.
The so-call sandwich dial became famous as the technique used by Panerai sandwich dial dive watch that the Swiss Superluminova Grade A substance consisting of unique highly-performing pigments pastes on the lower dial indexes.

sandwich dial dive watch
super luminova watches

Case:316L Stainless Steel Case
Strap:Tan Genuine Leather or Silicone
Dial:Sandwich Dial Swiss Super Luminova BGW9
Hands:Diamond Cut Swiss Super Luminova BGW9
Movement:Japan Automatic Miyota 8215 Movement
Glass:Anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal
Inventory:In Stock without Logo
Customization :MOQ 2pcs-Laser Texts on Back, MOQ 20pcs-Logo Printing on Dial,
MOQ 300pcs-All Customization

Pardwin is the OEM&ODM watches manufacturer with SA8000 and ISO9001 factory certifications for making swiss superluminova sandwich dial dive watch.

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