Why Sapphire Case Watch So Difficult to Make Part 1

sapphire watch crystal
Sapphire Watch Parts Sapphire Crystal

What is the sapphire crystal for watch?

Pardwin is the first sapphire watch manufacturer from Sapphire Material Growing to Completed Sapphire Watch Making.
The sapphire crystal commonly used for the watch industry is the synthetic sapphire or lab-grown sapphire that the composition and properties are identical to that of natural sapphire.
The sapphire case is made of synthetic sapphire crystal, the pure aluminium oxide is heated and then crystallized to sapphire material.

Sapphire Watch Manufacturer
Sapphire Watch Manufacturer Sapphire Crystal
Sapphire case 9 Mohs Hardness

How hard it is for a sapphire case watch for watchmaking?

Sapphire is one of the Hardest and most Durable Materials in Existence, ranked at a 9 Mohs hardness, Only Next to Diamond. Sapphire case is the best material to protect the watch dial against shock and scratch.
The Cutting and Processing for Sapphire Crystal is Extremely Hard which Need High Precision Machines and handmade Diamond Tooling.

Sapphire Case Watch Polishing
Sapphire Crystal Watch Cutting Sapphire Manufacturer

Sapphire Material is Extremely Hard but Fragile which the sapphire watch does not rely on fully machine making but semi-manual processing.
The Tolerance of Size Accuracy for Making the Sapphire Watch Parts is 0.02mm to 0.05m.
It Makes the Sapphire Case Watch so Difficulty to Produce but Precious.

Sapphire Watch Accuracy Checking
Sapphire Case Watch

The watchmakers should pay utmost care to all the details from beginning to the end. Any tiny mistakes will make the whole sapphire watch ruined as the sapphire watch parts can not be re-polished for any maintenance.

All Sapphire Case Watch Sapphire Dive Watch Swiss Automatic Movement

sapphire case watch

Sapphire Case Aventurine Dial Swiss Super-LumiNova Grade A BGW9

Model No.: PSLA352 PARDWIN
Case: Synthetic Sapphire 41mm
Bezel: Synthetic Sapphire Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9
Movement: Swiss Sellita SW200-1
Dial: Aventurine with Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9
Hands: Diamond Cut Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9
Band: Silicone White
WR: 5atm Water Resistant
Inventory: Yes-Ready to Ship
Customization: Yes-Available

Pardwin is the OEM&ODM sapphire watch manufacturer with SA8000 and ISO9001 factory certifications

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